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Media artist based in Belgrade.

In Yugoslavia, India and USA, she studied contemporary and ancient languages and literature, as well as piano, flute, sitar and solo singing. Her drawings and the work in photography were exposed in group-exhibitions in the Balkans and in France. She realized over twenty performances in galleries throughout ex-Yugoslavia, in Austria and in Germany. She is the author of the sound tracks for all of her performances and videos. Her work on music and video is incorporated in performances, choreographies and TV-shows by other authors from Yugoslavia, France and Germany.

Owing to the grants by French Ministry of Culture and the City of Paris, she edited her videotapes “Evagitto”, “Savati” and “Non Nobis” in the Grand Canal Production house in Paris. She also received grants from French Ministry of Education, several grants from Open Society Fund, Goethe Institute, ProHelvetia, Roberto Cimetta Fund, Stability Pact for Southeast Europe, The Ministry of Culture of Serbia and The City of Belgrade.

Received a Production Award by ZKM, Karlsruhe in 1998 for the videotape “Ocaj – Le Deuil”, a Golden Sphinx at Video Medeya Festival, Novi Sad in 1999 for the video opus and “Nadezda Petrovic” Award, Cacak in 2005 for the video installation “Poles”.

She was a resident-artist in ZKM in 1999, in CICV Pierre Schaeffer in April 2000 and at Ilemouvante, Sant’Antonio, Corsica in 2007 and 2008. From 2003 to 2007 worked on Timescapes, a project of collective editing which deals with migration and borders.

Her video-art pieces were shown in galleries, museums, on TV (Arte, La5, SWR) and/or at video art festivals in Australia, Argentine, Austria (Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art and Kunsthalle - Vienna), Britain (Tate Modern – London), Bulgaria, Croatia, France (Centre Georges Pompidou - Paris, Nouveau Musee – Lyon, CICV Montbeliard-Belfort), Greece, Germany (ZKM – Karlsruhe, KW - Berlin), Holland, Hungary, Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Spain (Museo Guggenheim –Bilbao), Switzerland, Turkey, USA (Renaissance Society – Chicago, Kitchen and Arts in General – New York) and Serbia (Museum of Contemporary Art etc).

Also works as curator for international video-festivals and projections of Serbian video abroad and organizes workshops by foreign artists and theoreticians in Belgrade. In the cities of central Serbia and in Belgrade suburbs she has realized a series of workshops based on the interaction between video and society and has realized many video workshops for young artists in Serbia. From 2009 through 2012 worked as a coordinator for Goethe-Guerilla workshop project in Goethe Institute Belgrade.


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